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Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Mr.J's Online brings your favourite fitness class to YOU and combines a variety of online resources to provide you with the most convenient and rewarding health and fitness experience. A growing library of online fitness videos are available 24/7 and accessible on any device, allowing you to dip in and out of different exercise disciplines and progress at a rate that suits you. But, it doesn't end there....

...Special LIVE online classes bring the group exercise experience straight into your living room and nutrition and fitness articles provide you with all the facts so you can make informed choices along your fitness journey. Add all this exclusive content to a private online support group and you become part of an online fitness community which supports you on your journey to a healthier, new you.


Buy a plan or book a single class.

...There are so many online classes, I almost don't know where to begin!

There are so many online classes to do, I almost don’t know where to begin.  It was easy to feel fed up during the pandemic, but I can say in all honesty that doing your classes has made a big difference to me. I just love the way you teach - the routines are so well thought out and the moves flow seamlessly from one to another. You're so calm and clear with your instruction - Thank you!!

Heather R